Top 5 Products For Summer Protection

Here are ten of our favourite must have products you need for your dog this summer time. Remember heat stress can hit all year round even when you think its ok, humidity can hit these little guys and really cause life threatening issues.


Brachycephalic breeds really need hydration more than other breeds so make sure you carry around excess water AT ALL TIMES. This is exactly why we LOVE the Pet Bots, no more carrying around massive drink bottles and all the kitchen containers! This saves water, acts as a drinking mound and bottle all in one! Visit our shop to check them out!


Cooling mats are the best inventions when it comes to summer and keeping your pet cool and comfortable. Great for either cats or dogs.Can also be used indoors or outdoors. The gel activated mat ensures your pets can sit or lie down in comfort without feeling the summer heat.



These bowls are great for keeping your pets water intake up but without the worry of built up slime and bacteria. You can get some amazing designs and colours to suit your home interior and pets personality just as an added bonus! Remember when it comes to water and your animals you should always double the normal intake and ensure your pet has access to plenty of fresh drinking water throughout the day, when it comes to warm weather animals just like humans will drink twice as much as normal. Clean water is just as important.

We have a range of anticatrial bowls for feed and water with a built in measuring system for pets who are on a diet. Check out our range.


YES ! We said it, dogs like paddling pools too. Any childrens paddling pool can make a wonderful summer time addition in help protecting against heat exhaustion. It doesnt need to be filled up alot to be effective just enough to keep their underbelly submerged. Try it! Leave it in the backyard or bathroom so they can help themselves, just as long as its not too deep as we all know majoirty or brachycephalic breeds cannot swim!


They come in all shapes, colours and sizes, cooling bandanas are super handy and a must have this summer. The material used ensures the fabric stays cooler for longer and can be used anywhere on your pets body, mostly for dogs as we all know cats are not fans of water! You can get them from Ebay, Amazon or some speciality pet stores for around $2-$10. (Don't pay anymore than that!) Just place on the belly or tie around the neck to keep them feeling cool.

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