Travelling With Your Brachy Babe

Here are our most important tips when travelling with your brachycephalic breed whether its long or short distances, warm or cool climates or for the everyday ride to the park. Make travel easy and less stressful for you and your pet by following these super easy steps.


One of the most important things to remember and an essential component to everyday care with brachycephalic breeds is hydration. As you already know these animals drink a lot of water and especially while travelling or under stress so ensure to take fresh water. 

Another reason why we absolutely love the Pet Bot! This handy little device is a 2 in 1 drink bottle which allows your pet to drink straight from the built in mouth piece without wasting water or having to stop to refill, any excess water goes back into the bottle with a touch of a button. The best part is there's no mess! 

Warm Weather Destinations

Goes without saying, cooling is just as important as hydration.Our little brachy babes struggle to cool themselves down and they need your help! Having the window half down unfortunately doesn't exactly warrant as sufficient cooling either. Having a cooling mat, cooling bandana or cooling towel will make such a big difference to travel with your brachcy babe. An absolute must if heading to warmer climate destinations.

Cool Weather Destinations

As majority of brachycephalic breeds are short hair pets it is vital to make sure they are protected from the elements if heading to cooler winter climates. For example French Bulldogs and Apple Headed Chihuahuas barely have a coat at all and they need layers just as you do. 

Warm blankets, dog jackets, scarves, booties or hot water bottles make travel a lot more comfortable and enjoyable if you are travelling in cold conditions however as mentioned before ensure they still have plenty of hydration and if they are heavily panting it probably means they are too warm.

Emergency Vet Contact

When you arrive at your destination it is important to look up your local Veterinary and have their number on speed dial incase anything was to happen. Just to be safe it is even more beneficial to give them a call and ask what their policy is for unregistered clients, emergency services or their 24 hour Vet Nurse contact.

Vaccinations Are Up To Date

Check that vaccination book and make sure you are all up to date with all the shots they need. Especially heading to different destinations with new surroundings, wildlife, plant life and meeting new dogs, these all factor into the health of your pet. It also pays to take the vaccination book with you depending on states, countries and biosecurity laws

Who farted??

Just a heads up when travelling in a confined space with an extremely gassy animal can often mean playing the "who did it" blame game. Best advice keep the window cracked or stop often to allow for fresh air, stretching and  getting rid of those "air biscuits"!

Sun Protection

while travelling by vehicle its important to keep your brachy babe out of direct sunlight. Goes without saying really. Putting up a window shade or the towel over the window actually works significantly. 

When you get to your destination especially in summer it is important for you and your pet to slip, slop, slap and wrap. Find a good animal sunscreen and paw balm, take that Pet Bot with you at all times and remember to check the pavements if walking your dog during the day - if you cant leave your hand on the hot pavement for more than 5 seconds its not suitable to go for walkies.

Check out our Summer Protection Guide in our blog section for more information.

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