Who is behind Snorty & Shorty ?

Misty is an International Flight Attendant with a 3yr old purebred Pug Carlos. She has spent the last few years researching brachycephalic breeds and their needs. It's no surprise the inspiration behind Snorty & Shorty came from Carlos. Misty tells us more behind the inspiration of Snorty & Shorty.

"I have always been an animal lover since i was a little girl, I had a gift for taming stray animals and bringing them home. There were no less than 8-9 different stray animals in the house at one time."

"My passion for animal welfare has followed me throughout my life. I have finally got to the point where I have experienced everything i've wanted and needed  to do and now it's time to give back in the world. Having a breed as unique as a Pug and all his special characteristics really pushed me to create Snorty & Shorty since i feel brachycephalic animals have not yet had their voices heard completely." 

"We wanted to promote education around brachycephaly. These cats and dogs CAN have happy and healthy long lives but it's up to us as responsible owners to recognise their needs and concerns. We are still learning so we always encourage other owners and breeders to step forward and help share their stories and experiences to try make easier for these pets."

"There are lots of products, information and procedures out there now to help animals suffering from Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome so there's really no excuse. We help find these products and tips and give these to our followers."

"Snorty & Shorty is aimed towards brachycephalic education and promoting beautifully crafted products that represent the uniqueness and love for these snubby face animals."





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