Our Pet Bots


Reading the statistics on animal welfare particularly on the hundreds of pet deaths per year from heat exhaustion/heatstroke encouraged us to try raise awareness for all pets around the world. Some pet owners simply do not understand how important hydration is to these furry little friends and unfortunately learn the hard way.

We made a commitment to help all owners around the world find premium products and accessories that can make life easier for them and their fluffy companions. Especially summertime in particular can be a  stressful time for animals and we need to ensure they are always hydrated but without limiting their activities or the owners lifestyle. That's when we found Pet Bots!

As pet owners of a brachycephalic breed this means we have to constantly monitor our Pug and his temperature but also ensure he has access to water at all times, this use to mean long walks and beach time were almost impossible without bringing the whole kitchen. Not with these amazing Pet Bots. It does everything for you!

We are so passionate about animals and our Pet Bots, we feel strongly this will make your pets life so much easier as well as yours. Pet Bots will ensure your pet is hydrated and happy no matter what size, breed or lifestyle they may have. Get your Pet Bot today!