About Snorty & Shorty

Our Mission?

Snorty & Shorty is all about education and products with purpose. Not just any old products but beautifully created, top quality items but most importantly products that assist with the needs of our special pets. Our community of brachycephalic breed owners are raising awareness of our flat face friends and encouraging others to share their stories and knowledge. These pets need our education and support especially with the misconception some people have of these wonderful animals. 


 All our products are tested and reviewed by real brachycephalic owners without paid advertising! Genuine reviews and information.

We want to also support new owners who might be unfamiliar with these breeds and their health concerns by learning from us more experienced owners and to be there with any questions or issues. If we don't know the answers we will certainly find out for you!

Most importantly, the breeds we talk about commonly suffer from a condition called Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome and we want to teach you about what this means and how best to support your animal living with this.


So, if you have a snubby nose fur friend or are looking at potentially adopting one, we would love to have you be part of our community. Sign up today to learn everything you need to know about ensuring your pet has the best possible life. Or join to be featured and to be eligible for our amazing promotions and giveaways!

Words from our Founder - Misty Bannister: 

"We want a go-to community for owners and potential owners to share tips, tricks, stories as well as relate and learn about brachycephalic breeds. We don't judge, we educate and focus on products that are suitable for the needs of these specific animals but also creating gorgeous pieces". 

"These animals need our education in order to prevent bad genetics and suffering, these cats and dogs CAN have happy and healthy long lives but it's up to us as responsible owners to recognise their needs and concerns. There are lots of products, information and procedures out there now to help animals suffering from Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome so there's really no excuse

Just like my wardrobe, i only have pieces i love and take pride in wearing, these collars are no different, all owners would be proud to dress their pets in these designs. If i won't wear wear it then neither will my dog"".

 If you have any questions please contact our team: info@snortyandshorty.com