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Snorty & Shorty are committed to saving the lives of thousands of abandoned and abused animals around New Zealand. Out of all the   welfare organisations desperately needing assistance and donations,  we found one who really is struggling and is in urgent need of help. A foundation created from the pure love and dedication. That's when we found Nine Lives Cat Rescue.

There are an estimated 2.4 million stray cats in New Zealand and at least 20,000 colonies in Auckland alone.

According to the 2016 report issued by New Zealand Companion Animal Council approximately 64 percent of New Zealand households are home to at least one pet with an estimated 4.6 million pets outnumbering their owners. Cats are still the most popular companion animal in New Zealand with 44 percent of households sharing their home with at least one cat compared to dogs who are at 28 percent.

These are alarming numbers and a serious issue in New Zealand. Snorty & Shorty are working alongside the 9 Lives Cat Rescue foundation who have dedicated their lives to the cause of rehoming and providing food, shelter and medical care to as many abandoned and abused cats as possible. 

Unfortunately this is a losing battle as the foundation is struggling with finding volunteers, funds and supplies with more and more cats being found and in need by the day. This is an amazing cause and really  NEEDS YOUR HELP! 

We have dedicated an entire collection to this foundation  as well as a proportion of profits we make going to the cause. Shop here to support these amazing people save the lives of thousands of cats.




Snorty & Shorty have provided a special animal themed collection where a proportion of profits made will be donated to the 9 Lives Cat Rescue  to help look after and provide for these abused animals. We will also be hosting live updates and a special section on our site of animals looking for their forever home. This is a wonderful opportunity if you are looking to adopt or wanting to donate towards the cause. 

See here:

Alternatively, you can send any supplies or offer volunteer help to the address below. 9 Lives Cat Rescue is accepting:

-Cat Food

-Pet Bedding or Blankets

-Flea Treatments, Flea Collars, Pet Shampoos etc

-Cat Toys 

- Volunteer help for Auckland surroundings



"9 Lives Cat Rescue is a local non-profit organisation working on Auckland’s North Shore. Run by a small team of volunteers, they have dedicated their time to rescuing homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. They foster these felines in their own homes until they find permanent loving homes of their own. Consider adopting one of more of our rescued felines, or help us by becoming a volunteer! Located North Shore Auckland."

Nine Lives Cat Rescue was founded around 15 years ago (in 2003). It was originally known as 9 Lives Cat Rescue Birkenhead. We are based on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand.Currently operating in the Northcote/Birkenhead area.  

Call 0274 862 374


Cats For Adoption Here...

If you are interested in adopting any of the cats below please contact us or the contact details above. You can also message using the Facebook and email address provided. These cats need forever homes. Please consider these pets as lifetime commitments. We continually update this website so if pictured below then the cat is available. 

Nyler and Oreo - cats for adoption

Please help us find the proper care, love and treatment for these beautiful cats by either supporting our products, donating items or volunteering your time. Remember 80% of profits go to the 9 Lives Cat Rescue. Feel free to contact us below.

Call 0274 862 374